ENotes.com Website Review & Ratings + eNotes.com Coupons
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ENotes.com Website Review & Ratings + eNotes.com Coupons

eNotes.com: Products & Services

Do you need help to your homework? No worries, eNotes.com is available to help you! ENotes.com is a comprehensive online educational resource. The site is used daily by thousands of students, teachers, professors, and researchers because they have the extreme educational content with innovative services in order to provide an online learning environment unlike any other. They have thousands of resources for literature study guide, lesson plan, history, science, math, literary criticism and more.

eNotes.com: Company Background

ENotes.com is a corporation type of entity which was incorporated in March 2007. The company is located in 1605 Boylston Ave Ste 301, Seattle, WA 98122-6734. It is operated under the Educational Consultants business category and the president of the comapny is Mr. Alex Bloomingdale.

eNotes.com: Customer Feedback & Reviews

On a scale of eight (8) out of ten (10) people, they write feedbacks to Enotes.com favorably with ratings of perfect five (5) stars. The high points are pertaining to “Great site with a lot of materials, Good resource for students and teachers, and Study Guide Central. Unfortunately, the site also got a negative points pertaining to billing and advertising issue according to BBB record but this was resolved by the company. Furthermore, one (1) star and two (2) stars have been rated to the site pertaining to website complexity. Editorial review praises eNotes.com being a site that helps you study with ease.

eNotes.com: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

ENotes.com is accredited by the Better Business Bureau since October 02, 2012. The company gained a high rating in a scale of A+ since they meet the BBB accreditation standards. Their website does not mention any information with regard to their accreditations, associations, certifications or awards that they achieved. There is no media coverage found on their site as well.

eNotes.com: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The global rank of the site is 10,053 in which visitors to the site spend roughly 48 seconds on each page view and a total of two minutes on the site during each visit. The site has 0.96% search traffic with below average impact on search queries. The Google PageRank value is 6 out of 10 with estimated 1,776,066 unique visitors visited the site per month.

eNotes.com: Social Media Presence

Enotes.com is maintaining a blog for their customers where in, it is updated on a monthly basis. Another social media presence for the company is through the prominent social networking sites these days. Follow them on Twitter with 31,846 followers and containing 4,731 tweets. Follow them on Tumblr as well and find them on Facebook too. The links for their social networking sites can be found at their blog page on the right column.   

eNotes.com: Website Security & Safety

Enotes.com is apparently secured. All payments were processed by means of a secured server. Furthermore, the site is using a secure (https://) connection when taking payment information and on the site there is closed lock symbol that appears next to the URL. Apart from its secure payment transaction, the site has been checked to Google’s diagnostics page the site positively listed as not suspicious as a result; no malicious software has been found nor didn’t appear to function as a midway for other sites to be infected for the past 90 days.

eNotes.com: Pricing & Packages

Subscription to Enotes.com is renewable and cancellable anytime with satisfaction guarantee. Their price subscription is $14.95 which is offered for monthly subscriptions and to be renewed monthly. For yearly subscriptions it is offered for a best value of $49.95 which a customer can save 72%, it can be renewed annually.  

eNotes.com: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping does not aply to this company.

eNotes.com: Payment Methods Accepted

Paying yearly or monthly subscriptions is made easy by Enotes.com. The client can transact the payment by using credit card via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover/Novus. Aside from credit card the client can also opt to pay using his/her Paypal accoun,t which is the most effective way. The company did not mention that they are accepting EbillMe, BillMeLater, E-Check, EFT, QPass, and etc.

eNotes.com: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

eNotes has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If any eNotes pass or subscription does not meet customer’s needs, they will refund the order in full, no questions asked. For subscriptions with recurring billing, they can refund any charges for unused subscriptions that have occurred in the last 30 days. Remember, any customer can always cancel their subscription from their account page.

eNotes.com: Product images & screenshots
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